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Vip Rides

Rent a limo Belgrade
VIP transport for special occasions

For your special day, occasion, and guests – rent a limo with a driver will make your moments spectacular. With our lux vehicles you will literally leave everyone breathless.

Whether you are planning a romantic evening, going out in the city, anniversary, birthday, visiting an event, or you want VIP treatment for your guests, renting a limousine is a perfect way to leave an unforgettable impression.

Luxury car rental – elegant and discreet

You don’t want anything ordinary that you see every day. For your special day and moments, luxury and elegance are what you dream of. Prestige and power are what you want. And that’s exactly what luxury car rental gives you.

Choose an impressive Mercedes sedan, and your private driver will open the door to luxury. You will feel elegance in everything – from the vehicle through driving to the driver. You will get a fully personalized VIP driving service that captivates with glamor.

And most importantly, you can count on the complete discretion. Your moments are only yours. We are here to support you and provide a ride that is safe, exciting and extraordinary.

Our drivers are proven professionals with excellent driving skills who know the roads they drive very well. You can rely on them completely for the driving atmosphere you want – they will be discreet but helpful, ready to provide you with all you need for a perfect trip.

Rent a limo Belgrade – a striking detail to remember

Your VIP ride will be attractive because we provide you with:

  • Limousines of a prestigious brand (there is a possibility of renting minivans)
  • VIP transport for each of your special occasions and special events: birthday, anniversary, private celebration, prom, a romantic evening, going out, visiting an event or a place, bachelor or bachelorette party, baby leaving the maternity hospital…
  • Wi-Fi, USB charger for mobile or tablet, bottled water
  • Temperature, music and driving style that completely adapt to you
  • Unquestionable professionalism of the driver
  • Complete discretion
  • Personalized VIP driving service.

Whatever the occasion, you will get a magnificent ride

All you need to do to book your VIP ride is to call us at +381 63 217 216 or email us at shuttleservice.serbia@gmail.com. We are available 24/7.

Also, you can easily book your VIP ride online by filling out the ONLINE form. After that, our transport coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

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