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Long Distance Drive

Rent a car
with a driver for long-distance

We drive you to your desired destination – anywhere in the country, region or Europe. Anytime. Complete comfort and elegance. Maximum safety and reliability.

Rent a car with a driver for long-distance is one of the most sought-after services provided by our limo service. The impeccable quality of driving, prestigious vehicles and professionalism are the guarantee that your trip will be comfortable, carefree and safe.

It does matter who is behind the wheel. Especially when it comes to long trips. It does matter in what kind of car you travel. And it’s not just about security. It’s about the quality of driving. No one wants to get out of the car after a few hours of driving completely broken or nervous. And that mostly happens – if the car is uncomfortable, if you are under stress due to poor and unadapted driving, if the temperature does not suit you, if you do not have space, if you cannot stop when you want…

In such conditions, you are just waiting for that ride to end. And all that can be totally different.

Long-distance car rental with driver
– first-class comfort and sophistication

Our limo service provides you with luxury in every sense of the word.

All our vehicles meet all high standards of safety and comfort. These are cars of the prestigious Mercedes brand, known for top performance and the most innovative solutions in the automotive industry.

You can be sure that your trip will be at a high level of safety, reliability and comfort.

Our drivers are proven professionals with excellent driving skills who know the roads they drive very well. You can rely on them completely for the driving atmosphere you want – they will be discreet but helpful, ready to provide you with all you need for a perfect trip.


10 reasons why rent a car with driver is a great decision

  1. We drive you to any destination in Serbia, region, Europe
  2. Luxury limousines are available, as well as luxury minivans
  3. All vehicles are of the impeccable cleanliness and technical condition
  4. Travel insurance and passenger insurance are provided
  5. Additional amenities: Wi-Fi, USB charger for mobile or tablet, bottled water
  6. Before the trip, a detailed check and preparation of the route is performed and alternative routes are prepared
  7. All drivers are English speaking professionals
  8. The driver takes toilet breaks and refreshments when and where you want
  9. The temperature, music and driving style are fully adapted to you
  10. The price includes all tolls and parking

Book your business or private trip

Just contact us at +381 63 217 216 or email us at shuttleservice.serbia@gmail.com and book your long-distance or international transfer. We are available 24/7. We are available 24/7.

Also, you can easily book your ride by filling out the ONLINE form. After that, our transport coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

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